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Writing Festivals, Reading Festivals, Literary Festivals, Feminist Festivals, Festivals of ideas. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals! This podcast is all about the Festivals.

The Writes4Festivals Podcast covers all sorts of writing festivals from around regional NSW (and sometimes beyond). The Mudgee Readers Festival, The National Young Writers Festival, Storyfest and the Feminist Writers Festival are just some of the festivals you will see popping up on this podcast...and we aren't done yet!

Each festival brings it's own unique flavour and perspective on life and writing through panel discussions, readings, intimate conversations with writers and some truly hilarious comedy routines. Via the Writes4Festivals podcast you can be a part of it all with the added bonus of extra interviews and commentary from speakers and organisers.

Writes4Festivals - brings the festival to you.

Proudly brought to you by Writes4Women with the support of Create NSW and Writing NSW.

Jan 24, 2019

Ahead of Invasion Day on the 26th January, the Feminist Writers Festival presents this snippet of Evelyn Araluen, from the opening night of the Feminist Writers Festival Melb 2018, where she discusses the "Legacy Books"books that have shaped her and her feminism. 

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