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Writing Festivals, Reading Festivals, Literary Festivals, Feminist Festivals, Festivals of ideas. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals! This podcast is all about the Festivals.

The Writes4Festivals Podcast covers all sorts of writing festivals from around regional NSW (and sometimes beyond). The Mudgee Readers Festival, The National Young Writers Festival, Storyfest and the Feminist Writers Festival are just some of the festivals you will see popping up on this podcast...and we aren't done yet!

Each festival brings it's own unique flavour and perspective on life and writing through panel discussions, readings, intimate conversations with writers and some truly hilarious comedy routines. Via the Writes4Festivals podcast you can be a part of it all with the added bonus of extra interviews and commentary from speakers and organisers.

Writes4Festivals - brings the festival to you.

Proudly brought to you by Writes4Women with the support of Create NSW and Writing NSW.

Dec 9, 2018

With Debra Adelaide, Anna Funder, Dr Anita Heiss and chair Kerryn Goldsworthy.

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that women read more fiction than men…but why? For women who experience the majority of the emotional and mental load of managing families, homes and relationships, the novel seems poised as an ideal...

Dec 9, 2018

Waiting for Elijah is an account of a tragedy that didn't have to happen - the 2009 shooting go 24 year old Elijah Holcombe by a police officer in Armidale. It is also an intense, forensic deconstruction of the extended legal proceedings that followed and a heartbreaking portrait of a family's grief. 

Kate Wild and...

Dec 8, 2018

With Laura Murphy-Oates, Nardi Simpson, Alison Whittaker and chair Brooke Boney.

Indigenous storytelling has a long, rich and varied tradition that has been overshadowed by colonial narratives and appropriated by white settler representations of Aboriginal experience. As Indigenous writers are rewriting their stories,...

Dec 8, 2018

With Gabrielle Blair, Mehreen Faruqi, Angela Williamson and chair Ann Brassil.

Feminism has key concerns around equality, violence and bodily autonomy, and there’s one area where those three concerns collide: our reproductive rights.

Hear from three fearless women working at the frontline: Dr Mehreen Faruqi MP,...

Dec 6, 2018

Anne Summers in conversation with Julia Baird about her new book, Unfettered and Alive: A Memoir.

Dr Anne Summers AO has been defying expectations her entire life. Her extraordinary career as a journalist, author, policy maker, activist, bureaucrat, board member, editor and publisher, has seen her travel the...